Chef Kellie Evans and guests aboard Marina recently explored Sydney on one of our incredible new Culinary Discovery Tours: Culinary Lovers’ Luxury Harbor Cruise & Lunch. This special tour invites you to savor the celebrated sites of Sydney accompanied by exquisite cuisine on an exclusive gourmet harbor tour.

G5uests began the day with an incredible chef-guided tour through the famous Sydney Fish Market, the largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere. The Sydney Fish Market is not to be missed if you are a serious foodie. This market sells 50,000 tons of fish every hour through a Dutch reverse auction system. Originally developed to sell tulips in Amsterdam, the Dutch reverse auction system enables the market to price fish at a peak cost and then lets a clock run down over the morning while the price reduces.

A renowned local chef, Chef Ross Eckersley, a former executive chef at a number of award-winning Sydney restaurants and now a teacher at Sydney’s Le Cordon Bleu cooking school, joined Chef Evans and the guests, as they explored the bustling Sydney Fish Market. Along the way, they purchased fresh local oysters; finger limes, which 2brimmed with caviar-like pearls of aromatic juice; abalone; Australian cheeses; bread; honey; salt and sweets such as the classic Anzac biscuits to take aboard the harbor tour. The many fish and produce stalls of the market made for perfect photo opportunities, and offered insight on how this fish market has led the world in educating the consumer to eat more fish – and eat more diverse fish.

Bringing along the fresh oysters and seasonal treats freshly purchased, the small group boarded a luxury vessel for a memorable three-hour harbor tour. During the picturesque cruise, guests relaxed and enjoyed time in the company of the chefs as they took in the renowned Sydney skyline and landmarks. Later, they sampled regional wines and enjoyed a gourmet buffet lunch of local Sydney prawns, sushi and oysters as well as regional specialties such as chicken satay. What a perfect experience in this beautiful harbor and world-class city – a gourmand’s tour and true once-in-a-lifetime Sydney adventure.

Start planning your culinary journey today!

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