The Finest Cuisine at Sea is becoming a bit sweeter as we add several new enhanced pastries to our decadent dessert offerings – all developed in conjunction with world-renowned Master Pastry Chef Christophe Menard. Among the featured desserts created by Chef Menard – a longstanding member of the elite Relais Dessert International – are these indulgent sweet treats:

  • dessert1Caramelized Banana Tart – a wonderfully sinful chocolate concoction topped with dozens of thin spiraling slices of succulent caramel-coated bananas, sprinkled with a pinch of powdered sugar.

  • Tanzanian Chocolate Cake with Molten Caramel
     – a delightfully rich cake drenched in flowing caramel, and accompanied by a perfect quenelle of vanilla ice cream. It features Tanzanian chocolate (75% cacao), a dark couverture that perfectly balances acidity and intense cocoa bitterness, lifted by floral notes.
  • dessert2Raspberry Tartlet with Lemongrass Cream – a ramekin-sized, perfectly baked raspberry-filled tart, capped with a dream dollop of exotic, lemony cream surrounded by plump fresh raspberries.

In addition, our culinary team is incorporating the world’s finest chocolates – from Papua New Guinea, Tanzania and Venezuela – into intriguing new desserts from Chef Menard: Yuzu and Venezuelan Chocolate Mousse with Hazelnut Croquant and Papuan Chocolate Volcano with Passion Fruit Heart and Caramel Lava.

Another of Chef Menard’s innovative desserts – Chocolate Cake with Molten Pistachio and Griotte Cherries – has been created just for Tuscan Steak, the all-new specialty restaurant aboard Sirena. The newest addition to our fleet of intimately luxurious ships, Sirena will be inaugurated on April, 27 2016 in Barcelona, with her 14-day Inaugural Voyage immediately following.

“Oceania Cruises has a well-earned reputation as the cruise line of choice for foodies,” said Chef Menard. “And I am delighted to be able to help contribute to its sumptuous array of desserts with these new pastries, which reflect the varied cultures and tastes of the many destinations visited by the Oceania Cruises ships.”

Join us on a voyage in 2016 and experience The Finest Cuisine at Sea!

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