Isn’t it wonderful to feel welcome and comfortable when traveling? It makes the experience so much more enjoyable when the ambiance is inviting, imbuing everyone on board with a sense of elegance and comfort. A sophisticated onboard atmosphere also makes it easy to pack a wardrobe that perfectly suits your taste, whether that means one cocktail dress for that special night at Red Ginger or a cocktail dress for every night of your vacation.

AV000019_rtBelow are a few tips on packing for your next Oceania Cruises voyage.

  1. During the day, wear casual, comfortable clothes for exploring — khakis and cotton tops, or even comfortable skirts and sundresses for the ladies. Shorts are also fine for shore excursions.
  2. For those of you who feel that ties and gowns have no place on a relaxing vacation, Oceania Cruises really is Your World. Your Way. If the thought of changing clothes in the middle of the day does not excite you, it’s easy to wear day-to-night outfits instead. Ladies often wear cocktail dresses or skirts and blouses to our gourmet dining restaurants, but a sundress or khakis can be dressed up for dinner with evening jewelry and a nice wrap. Gentlemen often need only add a sports jacket to be ready for the Grand Dining Room. And if you prefer to stay in shorts, simply dine at
    the Terrace Cafe. You can wear dressy shorts and casual shirts even in the evenings.
  3. When exploring a port, if you intend to do much walking, you’ll want to wear comfortable, supportive shoes. Many _AVT1820European cities have cobblestone streets, which add to the enchantment but can also take a toll on one’s feet.
  4. While the onboard ambiance is relaxed, be aware that some destinations do have dress codes. Many cathedrals require a cardigan to enter. Check shore excursion descriptions to plan accordingly.

Remember that launderettes are available, as well as full-service laundry and dry cleaning services, so you never need to pack as many clothes as you think.  Enjoy anticipating your voyage as you pack, and we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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