This Sunday, millions of people around the world will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. We asked our well-traveled Facebook fans to share which Oceania Cruises destination left the most romantic memories. From the illuminating lights of Paris to the romantic azure waters of Bora Bora, the Mediterranean cities were enchanting, but Venice came in on top of the list with 47% of the votes. 1

In one of Italy’s most popular destinations, savor the majestic beauty as you glide along its canals and under its bridges, opulent palazzi and elegant churches lining its route.

Below are a few shore excursions for you and your sweetheart to enjoy in one of the world’s most romantic destinations.

3Venice by Gondola

No visit to Venice would be complete without a romantic gondola ride. After a short trip to St. Mark’s Square, board a gondola to glide through Venice’s bewitching canals, perhaps with moonlight reflected on the water for the ultimate magical effect. Enjoy the city’s incredible beauty and listen to the passionate voices of the musicians serenading with traditional Italian songs.

Venice Giro di Bacari

Drive into the heart of Venice, a district full of “bacari,” which are traditional Venetian wine bars. It’s here where the locals gather to discuss the day’s events while snacking, often on small-plate dishes known as “cicheti.” You’ll have the chance to join them at a popular “bacaro” frequented by Venetians. There’s no better or tastier way to get a true slice of Venetian life.

Venetian Palaces

Visit two of the finest palaces in Venice and admire their architecture and preciously decorated interiors: Ca’ Rezzonico and Scuola Grande dei Carmini. Ca’ Rezzonico, the Museum 2of Eighteenth-Century Venice since 1934, is one of the most splendid Palaces in Venice. It is also one of the few in the city which opens its doors to the public. The building was begun by Baldassarre Longhena (also the architect of La Salute) in 1667, but the funds of the Bon family, who commissioned it, ran dry before the second floor was started. In 1712, long after Longhena’s death, the unfinished palace was bought by the Rezzonicos, a family of merchants-turned-bankers from Genoa. A large portion of the Rezzonico fortune was spent on the purchase, construction and decoration of the palace.

The Carmini School is the last of eight Grand Schools surviving in Venice that date back to the fall of the Venetian Republic (whether one refers to its founding date
5or to its recognition under the title of “Grand”). In fact, out of the first six Grand Schools, the Carmini School was the last one to be recognized as “Grand School” (Scola Magna) by the Council of Ten in 1767. The original antique furnishings inside the halls of the school have been entirely preserved and consist of important oil paintings, rich stucco ceilings and original embroidered and carved wood.

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