Wildflowers sprout from fissures in rocks worn smooth by the wind, and time is measured by the groan of glaciers, not the hands of a clock. This is Alaska, with its many wonders and fascinating settlements.

Earlier this year, California resident Nathaniel Robert Winters and wife cruised through Alaska aboard Regatta. It was Mr. Winters’ first cruising experience – which inspired him to write a delightful poem revealing the many aspects that make Alaska absolutely extraordinary.

Majestic Alaska
By Nathaniel Robert Winters

White crowned mountains multitudes
line up along rugged sea coast
like Russian soldiers endless, uncountable
trees their evergreen uniforms.

Hubbard Glacier’s grandeur
ancient god of ice age
titanic white-blue cold crackles, thunders
sending frozen flows into a thick slurry sea

Eagles soar drafting white capped ocean winds
Looking for the life blood salmon runs
Competing with bear, birds, and sea lions
Life abounds, otters play, dolphins surf

Solstice arctic sunset shines at midnight
Rainbow splashes of color
Stirring the senses, shimmering
Golden like the Yukon rush of the last century

I will dream of breaching humpbacks
Jumping orcas, splashing blow holes
And of Moby Dick, white wolves
And the call of Alaska’s wild.

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