Our second world cruise, 180-Day World Odyssey, will soon come full-circle as we head westward. Likewise, I’ve been reflecting on the moments that make these journeys so special.

Perhaps one of the elements that I notice so much on these longer voyages are those “It’s a small world” moments that I know so many of you experience too. One of these moments occurred recently on board Insignia for me.

A gentleman embarked in Dubai, and he looked very familiar to me. I introduced myself and discovered he was, in fact, a retired newscaster from Los Angeles, Gene Gleeson. That is how I recognized him; I had been watching him on the news back when I lived in LA! Gene told me he had a niece living in Greece who was married to a retired Captain.

As it turns out, his niece and my wife just happened to be sitting in a café in Athens that very day having lunch together! As I said, those “small world” moments happen so frequently and are one of the elements that make these world journeys so special. You begin to see that they happen wherever you are, and wherever you travel.

In just a few short weeks, I look forward to welcoming our new Around the World 2016 guests on board Insignia  – and sharing many more “It’s a small world” moments with you.

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