Discover the world’s most fascinating ports of call and savor relaxing days at sea as you traverse oceans and continents. Explore the untamed African wilderness as well as the astonishing modern marvels of Asia, the Great Barrier Reef and tropical rainforests of Australia aboard these extraordinary voyages of a lifetime.


Atlantic Ocean Exploration

On this magnificent 26-day adventure from Bridgetown to Cape Town aboard Insignia, travel between two continents and visit unique and charming destinations often overlooked on more accelerated voyages. Discover an intriguing past in the former penal colony of Devil’s Island, French Guiana, while the bustling streets of Cape Town in the shadow of Table Mountain are decidedly modern.

Old World Odyssey

voyages2Explore the rich past of the Orient and beyond on this unforgettable five-week voyage from Hong Kong to Istanbul aboard Nautica. Experience traditional life in Saigon, interacting with farmers in their lush rice fields and fishermen casting their nets. Delight in high tea at the Raffles Singapore, one of the world’s most famous hotels, with spectacular surroundings and gracious hospitality that has attracted the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Rudyard Kipling. Discover the ancient temples of Burma and India before continuing across the Arabian Sea to more Old World treasures.

Far East Traveler

Sailing to the Far East and beyond aboard Insignia, enjoy more than a month exploring majestic ports on the vast Pacific Ocean from Shanghai to Sydney. With an overnight stay in Tianjin, tour the city’s impressive museums and travel to Beijing to visit the Forbidden City. Navigate the wildlife-rich, mangrove-lined waterways outside Muara to enjoy tea in the unique Water Village, a community built on stilts. Ascend to the summit of Mount Rokko via funicular for stunning views of Kyoto, Osaka Bay and the distant Awaji Island.

Spiritual Retreats

voyages3Let the spirit of discovery be your guide through an array of Asian destinations that will reset your inner balance as you sail from Bali to Singapore aboard Insignia. Contemplate the majesty of Bangkok’s Golden Buddha, which weighs an incredible five tons and dates back seven centuries. Dine on authentic Indonesian fare in a glorious 17th century Balinese temple. Learn about the history of Vietnamese Zen Buddhism at a monastery high atop Yen Tu Mountain outside Hanoi, and visit the oldest pagoda in Saigon, a haven of tranquility where Taoism and Confucianism merge with Buddhism.

With Oceania Cruises, embark on a true voyage of a lifetime and explore the world in the way you’ve always dreamed.

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