Our shore excursion collections offer insight into the culture, history and cuisine of the fascinating ports of call our guests visit. In the final webisode of Emmy Award-nominated Curious Traveler, host Christine van Blokland explores Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia.

As Destination Immersion Specialists, we design tours with as much time in port as possible, including overnight stays in popular destinations. Christine began her Mediterranean voyage with a pre-cruise tour of Rome, the Eternal City, before embarking on an unforgettable journey aboard Riviera.  From touring sprawling expansive wineries in Italy and truffle hunting with a Master Chef in Slovenia to exploring ancient ruins in Greece and hiking a medieval fort in Montenegro, the possibilities of maximizing your time in each port are endless.

Delve deeper into a region’s culture and history with Oceania Choice and Oceania Exclusive Excursions for unique, one-of-a-kind experiences. Use our Find a Shore Excursion tool on OceaniaCruises.com to discover countless ways to explore the world.

To watch all eight Curious Traveler webisodes, visit Oceania Cruises’ YouTube Channel. Learn more about premier journalist Christine van Blokland and the award-winning PBS program Curious Traveler.

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