If you’re an aficionado of the arts, you’ll find Oceania Cruises’ entertainment captivating and personally satisfying. From Broadway-style productions and Bridge competitions to jazz night at Martinis and Team Trivia at Horizons, there are plenty of unique entertainment options available on our voyages.

This week, Curious Traveler host Christine van Blokland takes a look at the immense variety of entertainment aboard Riviera. Among her favorites were listening to the beautiful sounds of a classical string quartet fill the halls of the Grand Bar and learning about interesting Mediterranean insights at a guest lecture.

Each ship features a unique line-up of onboard shows and entertainers, where no two voyages are ever entirely alike. For a list of entertainment options available during your voyage, please visit OceaniaCruises.com.

The final Curious Traveler webisode will be unveiled next Friday, when Christine highlights our shore excursion collection, which offers insight into the culture, history and cuisine of each fascinating port we visit. To catch up on previous Curious Traveler webisodes, visit Oceania Cruises’ YouTube Channel.

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