Our loyal guests experience the ultimate luxury of our spacious and elegant suites and staterooms with every extraordinary voyage, and this week, Curious Traveler host Christine van Blokland discovers exactly why our sophisticated accommodations are second to none. From the lavish amenities and rich fabrics to fine furnishings and original art, it’s easy to see why our suites and staterooms are a home away from home.

Eagerly awaiting your next voyage? You’ll be transported right back to your heavenly Prestige Tranquility Bed and your serene private teak veranda as you watch Curious Traveler webisode 6:

Next week, Christine highlights the variety of onboard entertainment in the seventh installment of this eight-part series. Watch previous Curious Traveler webisodes by visiting Oceania Cruises’ YouTube Channel, and be sure to visit our blog every Friday as we continue to debut a new webisode until October 2nd.

To explore the fine amenities and luxurious comforts of our suites and staterooms, please visit OceaniaCruises.com.

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