On this week’s Curious Traveler webisode, host Christine van Blokland puts her culinary skills to the test during our popular “What Mermaids Know” cooking class. Following a sequence of baking, poaching and sampling delicious varieties of fish in The Culinary Center, Christine joins Director of Culinary Enrichment and Executive Chef Kathryn Kelly on a Culinary Discovery Tour through Sicily, starting in Mercato del Pesce in Taormina, and later on a truffle hunt expedition in Slovenia.

From learning how to make authentic Italian cannoli and a unique Sicilian lemon salad to a truffle luncheon and winery visit, Christine truly gets a taste of each Mediterranean locale with Oceania Cruises.

Join us again next Friday for the sixth installment of this eight-part series as Christine gets comfortable in our award-winning accommodations. Catch up on previous Curious Traveler webisodes by visiting Oceania Cruises’ YouTube Channel, and be sure to visit our blog every Friday as we continue to debut a new webisode until October 2nd.

To learn more about The Culinary Center, and to view a full list of our cooking classes, please visit OceaniaCruises.com.

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