Newlyweds Jessica and Christopher C. celebrated their honeymoon aboard Marina, cruising through the flawless islands of French Polynesia on our Picturesque Polynesia itinerary. Below, Jessica shares her story.  

Sometimes when I let my mind wander, I am back on the linen white beaches of the South Pacific with a red flower in my hair, letting the sun nourish my skin and watching my husband Christopher lie by my side, consumed in sheer relaxation.
IMG_5632They say most girls dream of their perfect wedding all their lives, but not me. I’ve always dreamt of my honeymoon. Having travelled on Oceania Cruises more than five times as a teenager and young adult with my grandparents, I knew I wanted to someday cruise through the picture-perfect French Polynesian islands with the love of my life.

Our spring wedding was nothing short of spectacular, though the months leading up to it were a blur of appointments and consultations. Exhausted from the preparations, we entrusted the gracious Oceania Cruises team with our honeymoon. Following our reception, we found ourselves in the most romantic part of the world, boarding the striking Marina for a roundtrip Tahiti voyage – ready to begin our very first adventure as newlyweds!


The itinerary included overnights in Tahiti and Bora Bora, with visits to Moorea, Raroia, Fakarava, Rangiroa, Raiatea and Huahine. Each morning, we’d part the blinds of our Penthouse Suite and discover a new breathtaking backdrop of lush, verdant mountains and glistening cerulean waters. And each evening, we watched the sun linger a little longer.

In Bora Bora, we opted for a romantic escape to InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa. After a delicious lunch at Terrace Café, we were picked up from Vaitape and taken to the luxurious resort in Piti Au, a coral “motu” on the barrier reef. Our bungalow was superb, boasting dramatic views of the surrounding crystal waters. There were no schedules to follow or emails to check. It was as if time slowed and we were in a dream. Truly, the exquisite beauty could not have been part of this world.

IMG_5630 IMG_8193

Fakarava was our favorite island for its botanical beauty and pristine atmosphere. We rented bikes from a jovial French man and explored the island on wheels, picking up fresh fruits and cheeses for lunch.

IMG_8896We raced around curved paths, rode past an unfinished lighthouse, collected small shells and enjoyed a picnic on the beach.

While in Raiatea, we boarded a boat and headed toward its sister island, Taha’a, for a drift snorkeling experience. Nothing prepared me for the scores of colorful tropical fish and intensely hued coral that produced a magnificent underwater maze.

As the current carried us effortlessly through the shallow lagoon, I wished for this moment, drifting in an untouched paradise, to last forever.

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