With stunning turquoise beaches and breathtaking surroundings, Rangiroa is a “natural aquarium” brimming with colorful undersea life and farms boasting an impressive production of delicate pearls.  

While visiting Rangiroa during your South Pacific cruise next winter, get an exclusive look at pearl cultivation with our Discover a World of Pearls shore excursion.

Drive along Rangiroa’s main road, on your way to a black pearl farm. Most pearl farms are small, and the number of workers at this Rangiroa farm is quite representative of the farms in the South Pacific region.

Upon arrival, the staff will teach you about the farming and production of black pearls. Get an inside look at the chronology and evolution of the industry, and how oysters are selected, grown and then grafted for production. Then, proceed to the work sheds where oysters are sorted and cleaned, and watch a grafter at work as he skillfully plies his trade.


The highlight of the excursion will be an opportunity to view a selection of unset black pearls that are available for purchase. Here, you’ll realize how important the shape and luster are when your guide discusses the criteria for grading pearls in terms of quality. Discover round, baroque and semi-baroque pearls ranging in grades from C to A.

Get an unforgettable look at one of nature’s finest gifts with our South Pacific cruises aboard Marina:

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