As our beloved Executive Culinary Director and Master Chef Jacques Pépin celebrates his 80th birthday this year, we’re thrilled to be honoring this momentous occasion on board. Sailing from Lisbon to Rome this week aboard Riviera, Jacques is joined by his lovely wife, Gloria; his daughter, Claudine and his granddaughter, Shorey on this special 10-day Signature Sailing. Just a few days into the cruise, guests are already partaking in range of special events and celebrations.

1Earlier in the week, during a cooking demonstration that featured recipes from Claudine’s new book, Kid’s Cook French,
guests enjoyed a glimpse of the special family bond that Jacques, Claudine and Shorey share in the kitchen as they cooked up some classic French dishes. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed sweets and a befitting cake – in the shape of umbrellas – in honor of Jacques. Franck Garanger, Fleet Corporate Chef; along with Kathryn Kelly, Director of Enrichment and Executive Chef; and Noelle Barille, Chef Instructor, all joined in the festivities.

2Yesterday Riviera called on Málaga where Jacques and guests strolled the central market, touring stalls filled with local meat and seafood, fresh fruits and regional treats. Afterwards, Jacques, accompanied by friends, family and guests, enjoyed lunch at one of his favorite restaurants in the city – El Tintero.

Later in the cruise, Jacques will take a trip down memory lane with our guests as he recounts some of his favorite culinary moments during a special lecture. He also plans to host book signings, special Q&A sessions and photo opportunities.

4In addition, the Grand Dining Room is featuring one of Jacques’ signature dishes each evening to honor him, along with his namesake restaurant. The voyage is certain to be a wonderful celebration of Jacques and his special history with Oceania Cruises.

The Culinary Center Celebrates Jacques
The Culinary Center has been celebrating Jacques and his glorious career through a special cooking class, Happy 80th, Jacques Pépin. The class will continue to be offered throughout the year, and features recipes that embrace Jacques’ lifelong passion for culinary technique, while emphasizing the basic techniques that chefs have learned from him over the past six decades. Drink a glass of Jacques’ favorite champagne as a toast to the master, and send a happy birthday photo to him at the conclusion of the class!

Join all of us at Oceania Cruises in wishing Jacques a very happy 80th birthday!

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