One of our most exciting new developments is the growth of our fleet with the addition of Sirena – sister ship to our award-winning trio: Regatta, Insignia & Nautica. Sirena embodies the most treasured elements of our celebrated mid-size ships, and she will join the Oceania Cruises fleet in the summer of 2016 for her inaugural voyage Sirena, which means mermaid in Spanish, will introduce a spectacular new array of destination-rich itineraries spanning the globe. Her highly-anticipated launch season will be released in late February 2015 with reservations opening on March 4, 2015.

Discover Sirena’s highlights below, visit the new Sirena page on our website, and stay tuned for more details in the coming months!

ToscanaSirena Highlights

  • Joining the Oceania Cruises fleet in the summer of 2016
  • Mid-size, elegant ship catering to just 684 guests
  • Exciting destination-rich itineraries with new ports
  • Renowned specialty restaurants Toscana and Polo Grill
  • Baristas coffee bar featuring specialty coffee drinks and homemade biscotti
  • Alfresco dining and a cook-to-order grill at Terrace Café
  • Acclaimed Canyon Ranch SpaClub®


  1. When Oceania went to a new computer format, they lost all of my past cruise information and cruise level. I do not like the new format. After many calls and emails, my cruise credits are still not on my account.

  2. Non-existent Cruise Credits:
    Thank you for your March postings… I thought that I was the only one dealing with the poorly programmed Oceania software.
    After five re-typings of my January Tahiti cruise and my August Nordic cruise data… I still was being told that I have ZERO cruises with Oceania. It was then that I entered the La-La Land of finding that Oceania does not have a WebMaster listed for their site. There is a definite absence of any kind of place for customers to provide comments that will be read by Oceania. I am sad to say that I find this situation unprofessional.
    One is led to believe that Oceania executives and managers do not care enough to bother to log on and try to use the software programs that put out for their customers to try to use… otherwise they would have had it fixed by this time. Unfortunately this reflects poorly on Oceania.

  3. Sirena, as is all you fleet designs, look classic, comfortable, well appointed without all the glitz and glammer. Congratulations
    As a past, and frequent passenger I feel you have a huge shortfall as a cruise line, which could and would benefit greatly by employing or talking to a disabled consultant, this would expand on the disabled passengers, cabin comforts, needs and shore excursions, which are sadly lacking. I am speaking as a disabled traveller.
    Four depressing inside wheelchair accessible cabins are not sufficient and quite frankly discriminating. A few wheelchair balcony cabins are in desperate need, as Sirenas refurbing is yet to start, you have an opportunity to rectify this problem. Also a huge benefit to the elderly and infirm would be larger shower cubicles and a catch or magnetic door latch to hold the heavy cabin doors ajar for safe ingress and egress

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