Captain Dimitrios Flokos

Captain Dimitrios Flokos

Our highly anticipated Around the World in 180 Days voyage is drawing nearer and near – now almost just one short month away from the departure date. We recently caught up with Captain Dimitrios Flokos, who will be at the helm for this fantastic journey. Below, Captain Flokos shares insight on what led him to a life at sea, his hopes for the upcoming Around the World voyage, and more.

How did your childhood shape your ambitions and dreams?

Both my father and grandfather were seafarers, and I was born in the port city of Volos, Greece.  It was my destiny to follow in their footsteps. Times were difficult back then – the city of Volos experienced a devastating earthquake in 1955 and my family was forced to temporarily relocate to Piraeus, the main port of Greece. I was just five years old.  Walking down to the port alongside my father watching the liners docking is when I first developed my desire to become a seafarer. Serveral years later, I returned and I commenced my maritime training there.

Capt. Flokos in Cannes

Capt. Flokos in Cannes

What do you love most about being a captain with Oceania Cruises?

From the very start, it has been a labor of love. We started out as a small company and we knew each and every one of us had to do our part to grow the company in order to achieve the success that we all envisioned. I am proud of the success that Oceania Cruises has achieved over the years and look forward to the furture as the company evolves, allowing for further growth and success.

Can you share one of your most memorable experiences? 

My most memorable experience is Marina’s christening. I had the privilege of working on the new building team in Genoa while she was being built and took great pride when she was christened in Miami. Another memorable experience was when I sailed Marina into my hometown port of Volos in November of 2011. My nephew and his new bride were aboard on their honeymoon, and it was a very special time for me.

Have you ever traveled around the world before? Not yet – so this is an adventure we will embark on together!

What are you most looking forward to on the Around the World voyage?

I have a great deal of confidence that this will be an extraordinary experience for our guests and our crew. We have over 500 guests that will sail the entire 180 days. As for destinations, the Hawaiian ports are high on my list – I haven’t yet explored them and am really looking forward to having the chance to do so.  I have enjoyed the many friendships that I’ve made over the years and predict that the upcoming Around the World cruise will allow for even greater opportunities to build lasting friendships.

Passing the Statue of Liberty aboard Marina in 2013

Passing the Statue of Liberty aboard Marina in 2013

Since you’ve spent so much time at sea and aboard a ship throughout the world, what advice would you share with our guests who might be embarking on their first voyage of such a grand scale?

Go with the intention of having the cruise of a lifetime.  Relax and take the experience as it comes. Have a sense of adventure, stay flexible and most importantly – embrace the opportunity to form friendships that can last a lifetime.

Bon voyage from Captain Flokos!

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