Our Facebook poll results are in – what’s the top cruise region? It was a close call, but one element was clear: our well-traveled guests embrace the diverse regions throughout the world. Votes were spread out across all regions. The top three regions with the most votes are below:

1. The Caribbean: Who can resist the turquoise waters and enchanting beaches throughout the Caribbean, especially with temperatures rapidly dipping? Plus, with Oceania Cruises, a voyage in the Caribbean is never just a typical Caribbean cruise. In case you missed it, discover some of our off-the-beaten-path ports in the Caribbean here.

Caribbean Caribbean

2. Eastern Mediterranean: The ancient empires and magic of the Old World enchant us all. From the Greek Isles and stunning ports along the Adriatic Sea to Istanbul and Egypt, the Eastern Mediterranean offers an escape unlike any other.

Emed3  Emed4

3. A tie –The Baltic and Western Mediterranean: The majesty of St. Petersburg and picturesque Baltic ports or the glittering French and Italian Rivieras and the alluring ports of Spain?  You don’t actually have to choose. Enjoy them both on an unforgettable Grand Voyage, like our Ultimate Europe voyage, sailing from Stockholm to Rome!

Wmed2  Wmed1

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