Oceania Cruises’ Executive Culinary Director and world-renowned Master Chef, Jacques Pépin, began sailing on Marina’s Explore the Isles voyage last Wednesday. Chef Pépin is hosting several exciting onboard events during this Signature Sailing, including culinary demonstrations, lectures, Q&A sessions, book signings and more. This culinary sojourn also features specially designed signature menus. During a cooking demonstration on Thursday with friends and fellow chefs, Claude Martin and Jean-Michel Gammariello, Chef Pépin shared his secrets for preparing several dishes featured in his book, Essential Pépin, including Crab Cakes with Avocado Salsa, Wine Merchant Steak, Asparagus Ragout and Apple Fritters. Guests aboard Marina look forward to many more special events with Chef Pépin, which we’ll share with you here as the journey continues.

6a0120a92e343a970b01a73df87242970d-320wiPépin with friends and fellow chefs from right, Claude Martin and
Jean-Michel Gammariello, during the cooking demonstration.

6a0120a92e343a970b01a3fd3d6cb9970b-320wiPépin and Martin team up to prepare the Avocado Salsa.

6a0120a92e343a970b01a73df8710c970d-320wi Pépin and Martin demonstrate the art of perfecting crab cakes.

6a0120a92e343a970b01a511ed3639970c-320wiOceania Cruises’ Executive Culinary Director for over 10 years, 
Pépin pauses to embrace the camaraderie during the cooking demonstration. 

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