By Kunal S. Kamlani, President

We’ve celebrated several significant milestones at Oceania Cruises over the past few years, from the launch of our first newly built ship, Marina, to the celebration of ten years at sea. This week I joined Regatta as she emerged from dry dock to embark on a 10-day Alaskan voyage from Vancouver to Seattle.  It was immediately apparent that another pinnacle had been reached.

6a0168e83e8ec7970c01a3fd1b7799970b-320wiFrom the moment you step on board, you are struck by Regatta’s amazing transformation. She possesses a renewed sense of style and grace, but maintains that elegance and warmth our guests love. Regatta’s return to service marks the culmination of the most massive refurbishment in Oceania Cruises’ history – a $50 million makeover of our original trio of ships from bow to stern.

The true joy of being on board was seeing the reactions of our guests. Feedback on Insignia and Nautica has been overwhelmingly positive, and that same excitement was evident on Regatta. Comments ranged from the beauty and comfort of the suites and staterooms to the casual elegance of a completely new Terrace Café.

6a0168e83e8ec7970c01a73dd5a19f970d-800wiOne key objective of the refurbishment plan was to incorporate some amenities and experiences we introduced with Marina and Riviera, such as Baristas coffee bar and the cook-to-order grill in Terrace Café. Given that all elements of a refurbished ship must be fully tested, I took it upon myself to ensure that the new grill delivered on its promise. The steaks, lamb chops, shrimp, scallops and lobster tails did not disappoint. And I found the illy espressos in Baristas to be just as popular as they are on Marina and Riviera. It was truly gratifying to watch our guests aboard Regatta experience the beauty of Alaska while enjoying what we endearingly refer to as the OlifeTM.

The new upgrades to Regatta and her sisters, Insignia and Nautica, reflect our commitment to continually raising the bar on the Oceania Cruises experience and exceeding the high expectations of our guests. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you on board, and on behalf of the entire Oceania Cruises family, I thank you for sharing your excitement and feedback on the refurbishment. For others who are sailing or will soon sail with us, we hope you’ll share your impressions here on the blog. We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. I wonder if Mr. Kamlani has had a moment to review the fact we were left hanging at O’Hare by American Airlines which Oceania had booked for our return from San Francisco after disembarking Regatta on May 16, 2014. It is a good example of why Oceania should try to book direct, nonstop flights for its passengers. Hopefully if Mr. Kamlani reads this blog he will look after our out-of-pocket expenses incurred late at night in order to find a hotel room when American Airline could–or would–not do so!
    graeme litteljohn

  2. Just finished a 12 day cruise on the Nautica and was very disappointed to see they removed the jacuzzi tub from the Vista Suites and didn’t bother to tell those of us who paid for a suite thinking we were getting a tub, now all they have is a shower in those suites! Also they’ve had an outbreak of the N virus on that ship since March. As other passengers have been reporting it since then on blogs and when I was on the ship in late May to June 6th they announced that it was present and enough passengers came down with it to the point they had to report it to the CDC.
    Crew were coughing in the restaurant around the food to the point I didn’t want to eat there. Not too impressed with Oceania will not be returning.

  3. Thank you all for your comments.
    Dr. Lank, we’re so glad you’re pleased with the renovations!
    Mr. Litteljohn, we’re sorry to hear about your experiences with American Airlines. Our travel specialists look to book our guests on the most direct routes, but they are not always available.
    Missy, the health and well-being of our guests is our top priority. Our staff and crew are trained in proper hand washing and other sanitary practices to maintain a clean and healthy environment for our guests on our ships.

  4. Just returned on June7 from a cruise aboard Marina (our third time aboard Marina) from NYC to Dover. Overall a very enjoyable trip. Although, there are a couple of issues I feel are worth mentioning. To begin with, we could not find our pre-paid transfer from JFK to the ship in New York. The ship was scheduled to sail at 7:00P.M. I think it was about 6:00 P.M. when we finally boarded the ship. This was not the first time we have had problems with Oceania arranged transfers, but that is another story. My other concern is that we had paid for the premium beverage package yet there were some single malt scotches that would have been an additional charge. Why pay a thousend dollars for premium beverages only to be restricted to what is on the bar menu. Also, toward the end of the trip the bar menu changed daily as the supply of various wines and scotches was depleted. Someone in charge of provisioning needs to pay more attention. But don’t worry, we have already booked another Oceania trip for 2015.

  5. I have just returned from the Mediterranean on the Riviera (Ionian Summer) and I have nothing but praise for the crew and service we received on board. I am a travel agent but booked full price for this cruise and it was worth every penny. The food in every specialty dining restaurant was amazing and the food at the Terrace Café was also incredibly good! Besides the service, have to also mention the ship is beautiful and so clean !(you have to check out the public restroom..!) I have booked several Oceania cruises before I got to experience it first hand and now I know what my customers are raving about. I am so glad to have gotten to experience it and can now sell Oceania with more confidence and know that my customers will return happy!

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