6a013480ad3a9d970c019b0080b644970d-320wiThe holidays are always a festive time on board the ships of Oceania Cruises – and Halloween is no exception! The chefs embraced the spooky spirit of the season in a pumpkin-carving contest onboard Riviera. Everyone put their knife skills to the test to concoct the creepiest, craziest, most creative jack o’lantern in the galley.


We’ve always known our chefs were gifted, but they really showed off their artistic talents in carving these fearsome faces. The grand prize went to Assistant Cook Emmanuel Paygane. Cook I Komang Pamatha took second place, and Assistant Chef de Partie Vishant Raut took third.

Congratulations to each of them!

Of course, amidst the Halloween fun, our chefs continue to
create the exquisite cuisine that our guests enjoy on board each day. In fact,
Fleet Corporate Chef Franck Garanger was putting the finishing touches on a new
salmon en croute to be served at lunch. Is your mouth watering yet?


Happy Halloween from your Oceania Cruises family!

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  1. Hi there – I was on the Oceania Cliffs and Coves cruise from May 16th – 26th, 2014, and neglected to keep all of my handy newsletters that gave such great information about each port we visited. Is there any way that I could receive a copy of these via email?
    Appreciate anything you can do,
    Val Foster


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