6a0120a92e343a970b019aff9b1c8e970b-320wiThe Jacques Pépin Signature Sailing onboard Riviera continues, and it has been a
festive and eventful cruise. Jacques and his wife, Gloria, were surprised with
a special celebration in Privée for their 47th wedding anniversary, complete
with confetti and a beautiful cake created for the occasion by Oceania Cruises’
talented chefs.

When Riviera
called on Ibiza, Pépin enjoyed a trip to the Sa Cova winery in the green hills
of San Mateo. Grapes have been grown in this region since the time of the
Phoenicians, including varietals such as monastrell, malvasia, cabernet
sauvignon and tempranillo. Covering more than 22 acres, Sa Cova produces wines
with grapes grown on the estate, using modern production techniques and high
ecological standards combined with traditional methods and aging processes.

Pépin and his guests had a wonderful time with the winery’s
friendly staff, who explained the production process and also offered a tasting
of several different wines paired with local bread, aioli, sausage, cheese and
ham. Any food and wine lovers on an Oceania Cruises voyage to Ibiza will not want
to miss this shore excursion, Wine
Tasting at Sa Cova

While everyone on the cruise has greatly enjoyed exploring
ashore, there have been several special events onboard as well. Chef Kelly of
the Bon Appétit Culinary Center hosted “An Informal Chat with Chef Pépin” in
which he shared several personal stories with guests, from his childhood as the
son of restaurateurs to his position as the personal chef to three French heads
of state, including Charles de Gaulle. Pépin also shared several fond and funny
memories of his work with Julia Child, with whom he collaborated on the
award-winning television series Jacques and
Julia Cooking at Home

There have also been book signings and other opportunities
for guests to interact with the renowned chef who is the inspiration behind
Oceania Cruises’ exquisite cuisine. While the culinary experience on any
Oceania Cruises voyage is exceptional, having legendary Chef Pépin onboard has
truly made this cruise extraordinary.

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