Guests onboard Nautica
recently visited the incredible Geirangerfjord on Voyage of the Midnight Sun, and this weekend Marina’s guests will also have the opportunity to see this
breathtaking destination on the Isles
& Fjords

Just northeast of Bergen, Geirangerfjord is one of the world’s
longest and deepest fjords and is considered an archetypal fjord landscape. Its
exceptionally captivating beauty derives from its narrow canal flanked by
steep-sided rock walls that rise over 4,500 feet above sea level and descend more
than 1,500 feet below.


The sheer walls of the fjord have numerous waterfalls, the
most famous being the Seven Sisters. The falls are made up of seven separate
streams, the tallest cascading from a height of 820 feet.

At the head of this nine-mile fjord is the little village of
Geiranger, where Marina will stop on
this journey so that guests can further explore this astounding fjord.

Highlights of a shore excursion in Geirangerfjord include Eagle’s
Bend, a viewpoint reached by a meandering road of switchbacks and hairpin turns
that climbs to a fantastic vista of the scenic mountains and the fjord below. At
Flydal Gorge, the view towards the fjord is also superb. The ship in the
distance looks like a toy boat, giving you a perspective on the soaring height
of the mountain cliffs that embrace the fjord.


Equally scenic is the lovely Djupvatn Lake. Usually covered by ice and snow until the end of June, the
lake lies over 3,000 feet above sea level and is part of the Otta river system.


Next year offers just a single opportunity to visit the
magnificent Geirangerfjord, when Nautica
sails there on Path of the Midnight Sun,
which departs on August 2, 2014. Don’t miss the chance to see one of the most
fantastic fjords in the world!


Photos by Peter Pretty

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