Guests onboard Nautica
wrapped up a thrilling journey to the top of the world today on Voyage of the Midnight Sun, and to
celebrate we are sharing photos provided by guests who have enjoyed this
adventure in the past. Typically Oceania Cruises offers an itinerary that
ventures this far north just once a year, and it is a special trip for guests
who truly yearn to explore the far reaches of the world. Remote and
indescribably beautiful, these northern ports offer a glimpse of untouched
areas seldom seen by most travelers.

Kristiansand, the capital of Vest-Agder County in Southern
Norway, is Norway’s fifth largest city, with approximately 90,000 residents.
Founded in the 17th century by King Christian IV, the old section of the town is
brimming with character, notably its strictly right-angled streets called kvadraturen in Norwegian. This photo of
the shores of Kristiansand captures the quaint beauty of the city.


Equally as enchanting is Bergen, which has been one of
Norway’s major port cities since the 9th century. On the Troldhaugen & Fantoft Stave Church Tour, guests enjoyed a
fascinating tour of Bergen and the suburbs including a stop at Troldhaugen, the
home Edvard Grieg, one of Norway’s most famous composers. The excursion also
visited the stunning Fantoft Stave Church, originally built in 1150. After a
fire in 1992, the church was reconstructed exactly like the original, using
timber from the Sognefjord forests north of Bergen.


In North Cape many guests participated in a crab fishing
on a deep-sea raft in the waters near Sarnesfjord. King crabs can
live up to 30 years, measure up to 6.5 feet between their claws and weigh as
much as 22 pounds. The king crabs caught on this excursion weighed in the
neighborhood of 10 pounds, and guests enjoyed a fantastic meal at the end of
the day.



One of the northernmost towns in the world, Hammerfest is
situated on Kvaløya Island. The modern town was completely reconstructed after
it was destroyed in World War II. The Hammerfest
and Sami Camp Walking Tour
explores the streets of this beautiful town and also
visits Mikkelgammen Sami camp, where guests learn about
the history and culture of the Sami people. On this excursion guests were
treated to a reindeer spotting along the way.



Surrounded by mountain peaks and glaciers that rise
majestically from the Arctic Ocean, Magdalena Bay is embraced by absolute
wilderness and is covered with ice most of the year. One of the most remote and
exotic places in the world, the bay is renowned for its pristine beauty. Very
few travelers ever make it this far north, which is why this cruise was
especially exciting for Oceania Cruises guests.


The journey ended in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark
since the 13th century. Far from being spoiled by modern developments, the city
has done a remarkable job blending 20th century additions with the old world


This unique cruise that makes its way to some of the
northernmost destinations in the world is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and
usually this type of itinerary is offered only once a year. Next year Nautica will journey north on the Path of the Midnight Sun, departing
August 2, 2014. Don’t miss the chance to see some of the most remote and
beautiful places on earth!


Photos by Peter Pretty

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