Marina has set
sail on the first of four cruises this year that will celebrate the 10th
anniversary of Oceania Cruises. As one of the founders of Oceania Cruises, I am
excited to be hosting this celebratory voyage, and I’m looking forward to
meeting many of our valued guests whose loyalty has allowed us to reach the
milestone of 10 years at sea.

6a0120a92e343a970b01901d58dd0c970b-320wiMarina set sail
from Southampton under rather stereotypical British weather. There was a crisp
breeze and a bit of fog and light drizzle, which was all the more reason to spend the
day exploring the Marina! We have
almost 700 past guests onboard, so most are enjoying refamiliarizing themselves
with the ship, and our new guests have been very impressed with what they’ve
seen so far. Our team of butlers was ready with welcoming smiles to greet
guests and assist with their every need.

I also enjoyed welcoming guests as well as some British
government officials and travel agents. I decided I should probably wear a tie
for my official duties, but don’t worry, we haven’t changed the dress code.
I’ll be packing the tie away soon and enjoying our country club casual dress
code for the rest of the cruise.

6a0163052db6c7970d0191034ee498970c-320wiMarina looks as beautiful
as ever, although last winter I sailed around South America onboard Regatta, and I have to say I am equally
fond of all of our ships. The only thing I had missed onboard Regatta was the cuisine from Red Ginger,
since Red Ginger restaurant is only available on Marina and Riviera. But
now we are offering selections from both Red Ginger and Jacques in the Grand
Dining Room on Regatta and Nautica as well, so guests can enjoy the
full scope of the exceptional Oceania Cruises culinary experience onboard all
of our ships.

Speaking of the Grand Dining Room, I’m looking forward to
trying many of the 82 new dishes that we recently introduced on these menus.
Our culinary team spent nearly a year designing and testing the new dishes,
including three new lobster dishes and 10 new pastas and risottos. Now I get to
enjoy the fruits of their labors!

You can probably tell that the excellent cuisine is one of
my favorite parts of an Oceania Cruises voyage. But I shouldn’t neglect to
mention the wonderful ports of call we’ll be visiting. As with all Oceania
Cruises itineraries, this one includes a wealth of fascinating destinations,
from Oslo to Copenhagen to St. Petersburg, where we’ll stay for two nights so
our guests have plenty of time to explore this spectacular city.

This promises to be another unforgettable Oceania Cruises
voyage, made uniquely special by all of the onboard events in celebration of
our 10th anniversary. I will enjoy reflecting on the past decade and looking
forward to the next as I celebrate with our cherished guests. I’ll share more
stories of our journey here on the blog soon!

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  1. I will be cruising with Marina from Barcelona to Rome in October. To visite Europe, Asia, etc., being from Chile it is a long Trip, but I have done it before, and both by air and sea. I am looking forward to having an unforgettable cruise in this cruise line as Mr Binder states…

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