Brad and Maleta Smith are big fans of Oceania Cruises. They recently
enjoyed a wonderful cruise onboard Riviera,
and they’ve been singing the praises of the staff, in particular the
housekeeping staff. The Smiths said their stateroom attendants, Anna and Iryna,
“did a terrific job, were so very nice and a joy to be around.”

They also had an especially memorable evening during a magician’s
performance onboard. Our thanks to Brad for sharing the following lovely story
with us:

On a recent family cruise my
mom was a participant in a magic show. Magician Fred Becker had her pick a
card. He then performed an elaborate magic trick with the deck. At the end when
he threw the deck into the air, his magic sword “found” my mom’s card.

At the end of the show, he
threw her card out into the audience. I was lucky enough to retrieve it after a
brief frantic search. I knew this would make a great memento of our time

For a Mother’s Day gift, I took
this card and a bio of Fred to a local shop where they expertly mounted it so
the card appears to be floating inside the frame. You can see the hole where
the card was skewered by the sword. When I presented this to my mom, she loved
it and said it was a great memento of our trip.



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