Guests on the Pearls of the Far East voyage onboard Nautica had the opportunity to experience one of the most modern forms of
transportation during an overnight stay in Shanghai. The Maglev Train & Pudong shore excursion includes a thrilling ride
on the Maglev Train and visits the spectacular skyscrapers of the Lujiazui area
in the new Pudong District.


Using groundbreaking German technology, the Maglev Train,
short for Magnetic Levitation Train, is Shanghai’s newest, state-of-the-art high-speed
train and what many believe to be the 21st century’s revolutionary mode of
transportation. With no wheels, the train floats on an electromagnetic cushion
and is propelled along a guide way using electromagnetic fields.


The Maglev runs 20.5 miles from Long Yang Lu Station to
the Pudong International Airport and can
reach speeds of up to 310 miles per hour. It regularly
travels 268 miles per hour during daily service, making it one of the fastest commercial
train services in the world. On an eight-minute ride to the Pudong Airport, passengers experienced the sensation of flying as the
train instantly accelerated to maximum


6a013480ad3a9d970c017d420b1c28970c-300wiAt Pudong, guests disembarked for a fascinating tour of
China’s financial center, which was developed from farmland only in the last two decades. Built
in 1999 and towering over 1,300 feet above Shanghai, the Jin Mao building is the seventh tallest building in the world. From the 88th floor, guests had the opportunity to see the city from one of its highest vantage points, observing the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower and many others.





After enjoying breathtaking views of this thoroughly modern
city, there was time to do more sightseeing in the area.


If you haven’t had the chance to explore some of Asia’s most
exciting ports, including Shanghai, there are several opportunities to do so on Oceania Cruises sailings, including Pearls of the Orient on February 22,
2014, and Ode to the Emperors on
March 10, 2014. We’ll look forward to seeing you on the high seas or perhaps high
above Shanghai!


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