IMG_4412 Armor w Oceania SignvcOn Marina’s recent
stop in Estonia, guests visiting the Old Town at the heart of Tallinn were
greeted appropriately by this knight in (not so) shining armor. On the UNESCO
World Heritage list, Tallinn is considered one of the best-preserved medieval
town centers in Europe. With cobblestone streets and beautifully preserved
buildings dating from the 11th century and earlier, it is easy to be
transported to a different time.

Many of the state buildings, churches and original
residences date from the medieval period and have been preserved in their basic original form. The cobbled square has been at the heart of Tallinn life since the
11th century and is dominated by one of the most famous symbols of Tallinn, the
Gothic town hall, dating from the early 14th century. The town hall has been meticulously
preserved down to the ornate dragon rainspouts.


IMG_4569 Dragon Water Spouts

A particularly delightful aspect of the Old Town is the
little shops and open-air markets where visitors can buy local handmade crafts
like these hand-knitted sweaters and pullovers with traditional Estonian folk
patterns and these souvenir bells with hand-painted scenes of Tallinn.

IMG_4409 Souvenirs

One of the more popular attractions in Old Town is the 19th century Russian Orthodox cathedral, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Slightly out of place in this medieval city, it has been viewed by locals as a symbol of Estonia’s history of oppression and was nearly torn down in 1924 during a brief period of independence. After neglect during Soviet rule, the Cathedral was restored to its former beauty and now this classic onion-domed cathedral serves as one of Tallinn’s more famous tourist icons.

IMG_4399vcA Nevsky Cathedral

To get above the scene, guests visited Toompea Castle atop
Toompea Hill. The original wood structure was built in the 9th century,
and the stone structure was added in the Middle Ages. Substantially
reconstructed over the years, it still retains its original shape and currently
is home to the Estonian Parliament. Near the castle, there were archery pits
set up for visitors to take target practice, offering insight into the peaceful
and relaxed atmosphere of this region, for how often does one find weapons
available for public use in close proximity to a government building?

IMG_4393 Toompea Castlevc
IMG_4506vc Archery Pits Toompea Castle

The views from Toompea Hill of the Old Town and its
beautiful colorful buildings with red roofs were gorgeous on an equally
gorgeous day.


Guests also visited the oldest church in Tallinn and
mainland Estonia, Toomkirk, also called St. Mary’s Cathedral. Originally a
Catholic cathedral, it became Lutheran in the 1500s and now belongs to the Estonian
Evangelical Lutheran Church. Established in the 13th century by the
Danes, the Baroque dome was not added until the 18th century. Over a
hundred medieval coats of arms line the interior walls of the church.

IMG_4424St Mary's Toomkirk Churchvc
IMG_4451 Church Interior

No trip back to medieval times would be complete without
fire breathing and a meal inspired by ancient history. At Old Hansa Restaurant,
guests are treated to a medieval-themed experience with servers in medieval dress
and music and entertainment from centuries ago. The food was simple and
delicious: fresh baked bread, Hansa House smoked herring, juniper cheese spread and dark honey
beer in a big ceramic tankard (what Old Hansa calls women’s size!).

IMG_4601 Fire Breather
IMG_4611 Food

Tallinn was a lovely escape into the past, made all the more
wonderful when Marina guests returned
to their thoroughly modern, immensely comfortable home on the sea.


Photos by Vanessa Cordo

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  1. Love Tallin. We were there for the song and dance festival in 2006, so had the opportunity to wander the streets of an historic city successfully transitioning from the old Soviet times to the new times of freedom. I’m so happy O offers people the opportunity to see this wonderful city from my father-in-law’s homeland! Thanks for the update

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