Anticipation is growing by the hour as guests arrive in Lisbon for the 8th Oceania Club Reunion Cruise aboard Riviera. Many guests flew in today, one day prior to sailing, so they could enjoy some extra time exploring Lisbon before boarding the ship. As they checked in to the hotel, they were warmly greeted by the Oceania Cruises Hospitality Desk.

Guests have already been sharing so many terrific stories of their adventures in Lisbon. While we can’t share them all, there is one in particular that we wanted to pass along. You guessed it – a food story.

Pasteis de Belem 2
One of our guests came across a pastry shop named Pastéis de Belém and was raving about the delicious tarts. Evidently these delights have quite a storied past. The Pastel de Belém is a crispy puff pastry loaded with a warm custard filling and dusted with cinnamon and powdered sugar on top. Legend has it that a group of monks sold the secret recipe in 1837 to the family that now owns this famous pastry shop. As of today, only three people know the recipe, and we are told that they don’t travel together. Next time you’re in Lisbon for an Oceania Cruise, you might want to check this spot out!

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