Details in Owner's Suite

Many of you have asked to see more of the suites and staterooms onboard Riviera, so I have a few photos to share of the Owner’s Suites.

As with Marina, Susan Bednar Long of S. B. Long Interiors designed the Owner’s Suites with furnishings from the Ralph Lauren Home Collection. I offered to lend a hand yesterday as Susan was putting the final touches on the suites.

Final OS Touches

Fluffing pillows

The bedroom looks fantastic. The bedspread is part of the newest collection from Ralph Lauren — so new in fact, that the bedspread has not yet arrived. It will soon be making its premier here on Riviera.

OS Bedroom

Some followers of the blog have asked about the differences in the furnishings on Riviera versus Marina. While they are extremely similar, one difference is a slight change in the colors of the veranda furniture in the Owner’s Suite.

Installing OS Outdoor Furniture

We encountered one small hitch when hanging the final artwork in the Owner’s Suites. One painting wouldn’t fit because someone had installed an iPad volume control in the middle of the foyer wall where the painting was to be displayed. Luckily we had a team of electricians on hand who could quickly move it.

On the phone

Soon the issue was resolved and the painting was in place.

Problem Solved

But I confess I’m burying the lead here. We were especially eager to ensure the final details were in place in the Owner’s Suite because Riviera arrived in Monte Carlo today and welcomed her first guests onboard for the Christening Cruise. You can see some fog rolling in, but that did not deter one gentleman from going for a dip in the pool.


We’re preparing for the sail-away festivities so I’m off to celebrate. Today is not only the first day of the Christening Cruise, but also the official start of the countdown to Riviera‘s Maiden Voyage. We’re 10 days away, so we’ll be sure to continue the countdown here on the blog.



  1. I’ve been following these posts and am loving the look of the new ship. The husband and I loved our last cruise with Oceania and can’t wait to take a trip on Riviera!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. So exciting! I love the behind the scenes photos. It really is like getting your house ready to host a party. So many last minute things. Great job.

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