Chef Garanger Prepares Tasting     Waves Tasting
If you read my post yesterday, you’ll recall that I was about to indulge in a burger tasting at Waves Grill. I am here to report that, as you might imagine, I was thoroughly impressed with the latest burgers from Chef Franck Garanger. As our Fleet Corporate Chef, he is responsible for many of the new recipes that will be unveiled onboard Riviera, and each dish we’ve tasted onboard has been better than the last.

Burger Tasting    Waves Fries
Of course, we’ve tried some exquisite dishes, such as the hoisin-sautéed duck foie gras with pecan and cucumber salad that will soon be featured in La Reserve. But some days you just want a great burger. And when Chef Garanger is involved, even a burger becomes a work of art. How does a Kobe beef burger with black truffle sauce and baby cress sound? Or perhaps the newest twist to be featured in Waves – the Alaskan salmon burger with Béarnaise tartar sauce and spicy slaw. And it goes without saying that Waves has the best fries anywhere.

While I love to take every possible opportunity to get involved in food tastings, one area in which I am definitely hands-off is the floral department. At home my flowers shrivel up after a day or two, so I’ve been sure to keep my “non-green thumbs” away from the plants onboard Riviera.

40 Varieties - 2
More than 40 varieties of flowers will be featured onboard. They come from all over the world – just like our international crew. And you will NEVER find an artificial plant onboard an Oceania Cruises ship.

Florist    Orchid
I’d better get back to work as we’re six days and counting from the sailing of Riviera’s Christening Cruise. President Kunal Kamlani joined us today and will be sharing his impressions of Riviera here on the blog as well. Hint: I think he’ll be pretty impressed.


  1. It’s funny the unusual things we look forward to on a cruise. With all of the superb food that Oceania offers, my tradition for the first meal at embarkation day lunch is a hot dog and beer at Waves. I’m sure you will be able to find me there on Riviera’s June 5th sailing next month. We also look forward to our first stay then in an Oceania Suite. They looked spectacular on Marina.
    I still haven’t heard who the Captain or the Cruise Director will be for these early sailings. Has that been announced?

  2. Hello, David. Kunal here. I did respond to your inquiry about the captain on my previous post, but you must not have seen it. We haven’t formally announced it, but I can share with you here on the blog that the master of the vessel is Captain Luca Manzi, the general manager is Mr. Thierry Tholon and the cruise director is Mr. Leslie Jon.
    And by the way, I agree, sometimes it’s hard to beat a hot dog and a beer in Waves. Enjoy your June 5th cruise! I think it’s safe to say you’re going to love your Oceania Suite.

  3. Not a meat eater so not bothered at all about burgers. Have to say the choice of food on Marina was fantastic, never had such a choice on holiday. I have no doubt Riviera will follow suit. Hoping to check her out for myself in the not too distant future.
    Hope you keep the chefs’ demonstrations on Riviera too. They were fantastic on Marina, hilarious on occasions, those chefs could have their own TV series! Dottie’s demo of her Mum’s perogies was brilliant too!
    Have a great cruise!

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