Displaying the flag
Oceania Cruises took delivery of the magnificent new Riviera today in Genoa. The flag of the Fincantieri Shipyard was lowered and the Oceania Cruises flag was raised as the ship was officially handed over to Oceania Cruises’ founder, Frank Del Rio.

Lowering the Fincantieri flag

Lowering the Fincantieri Flag

Preparing to hoist the Oceania Cruises flag
Hoisting the flag

It’s official!
Oceania Cruises flag flies
This marks another major milestone in the history of Oceania Cruises, and we will now be counting the days to when Riviera will be unveiled to the world. Two weeks from today, Riviera will be christened in beautiful Barcelona, and on May 16 she sails from Venice to Athens on her Maiden Voyage.

The official handshake
Watch the blog for more photos and stories on Riviera as she makes her exciting debut.

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  1. Congratulations to all!!! I’m sure Riviera will be as special as Marina. Hope the christening and maiden voyage are as wonderful as on Marina!
    BTW, Mr. Del Rio, love the new beard!

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