I have previously said that there are certain milestones in the life of a ship, such as the first cutting of steel, the keel-laying and the float out. And while all of these are critical to those involved in building her, perhaps one of the most exciting milestones for the team behind Riviera is the day she hits the open ocean for the first time.

This weekend Oceania Cruises’ 1,250-guest Riviera embarked on her first set of sea trials. Robin Lindsay, our executive vice president of Vessel Operations, was onboard with our marine and technical teams, as well as technicians and engineers from the Fincantieri shipyard.

We wanted to share Robin’s photo with you. As members of the Oceania Cruises family, we know you share in our excitement and we all look forward to greeting you onboard soon.



  1. She’s looking great , even though she was delayed due to the series of unfortunate events with the strike at the shipyard , she’s now on the open seas where she belongs , looking forward to the pics of her on her sea trials.
    Can’t wait til she goes into operation later this year as the
    2nd majestic flagship of the Oceania cruises fleet joining her sister Marina
    on her maiden season , it will definitely be splendid indeed.
    Oceania should do a nice rendezvous of the 2 flagships in the future , will make an epic maritime
    festival , most vavorably in New York or Miami.


  2. Great to see that she’s under way! We’re very much looking forward to boarding her on May 16th for the inaugural cruise!


  3. We’re so pleased that you all share in our excitement about Riviera’s debut. I will continue to keep you posted on all the updates here on the blog.


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