Sri Lanka recently welcomed Nautica guests to its wonderful world of elephants. The Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage has been serving displaced elephants for over 30 years, providing a sanctuary while trying to maintain a strong semblance of their jungle habitat.

Watering Hole
Twice a day the elephants are led to the Maha Oya River for bathing and frolicking.

Trunk Shake


While this program began with orphaned elephants, the caretakers began a breeding program, and a number of elephants have now been born at Pinnawela.


Although tourism is the top revenue generator for the reserve, many of us were surprised to learn that the sale of elephant dung also provides income. The dung is blended with recycled post consumer paper to create an exceptionally eco-friendly paper product that is used worldwide.
Dung Sign

Whether taking a ride on an elephant or simply posing to capture a photo of an unforgettable moment, everyone took full advantage of the opportunity to interact with these gentle giants.

Elephant Ride
Say Cheese

Sri Lanka offered Nautica‘s guests an up close and personal experience with one of nature’s most majestic beasts.

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