Hustace Photo-9-Grand StaircaseThe Grand Staircase is an icon onboard all the ships of Oceania Cruises and a signature element of our brand. To create this extraordinary centerpiece for Marina, we looked to the master artisans from Lalique, a company renowned for its unique expertise in the artistry of fine crystal. As the interior begins to take shape on Marina’s sister ship, Riviera, that same Lalique staircase will be the dramatic focal point of the reception area.

Founded over a century ago, Lalique continues the legacy of the incomparable René Lalique. First renowned for his innovative Art Nouveau jewelry pieces, René Lalique was intrigued by the medium of glass. It became the focus of his mastery and his primary means of artistic expression, even as he expanded into the realm of architecture.

Today’s Lalique artisans are known as “sculptors of light,” embracing the strange alchemy that takes place between the sensitivity of the artist and the know-how of the craftsman. One easily recognizes the style of Lalique through its hand-finished form, intricately sculptured detailing, and vivid contrasts between clear and matte crystal.

“We’re very overprotective of the brand, to a fault at times,” says Maz Zouhairi, President and CEO of Lalique North America. “When this partnership came about, or the idea was born, we had to do our research and make sure that the two names, the two brands were compatible with each other.”

They certainly are. Both the ships of Oceania Cruises and the crystal masterpieces of Lalique are renowned for their elegance and artistry, and the partnership has been a perfect pairing.

Riviera November Grand Stair  Grand Staircase-Wide
Riviera’s Grand Staircase as it appeared a few months ago and as it will appear a few months from now

The Grand Staircase of Riviera features ornate double stairways with balustrades of crystal medallions. The dramatic centerpiece is Lalique’s highly prestigious Cactus Table crowned with an exquisite Lalique vase. The creation of the Grand Staircase involved 37 French artisans working 1,600 hours to handcraft 4,600 pounds of pure Lalique crystal.

Guests onboard Marina have been amazed by the results of the artisans’ craftsmanship, and when Riviera is unveiled in April, the Grand Staircase will certainly have the same impact. In fact, one guest was so impressed with this Lalique creation, he had the same staircase built into his own home, complete with the lit newel post at the base.

Stair Column  Upper rail  Balustrades
There is certainly no greater compliment than that!

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