Day Gondolas 2

The Europe 2011 season is drawing to a close, and the ships of Oceania Cruises will soon sail for warmer climates. Regatta is already exploring the exotic Amazon, and Nautica is spending the second of three days in the modern marvel of Dubai before continuing on to the coasts of Africa and Asia for the winter. Meanwhile, Insignia and Marina linger just a little longer along the shores of Europe before Insignia sails for South America and Marina begins her inaugural season cruising the Caribbean.

We are left with many fond memories of our adventures in Europe during the summer of 2011 – magnificent art and architecture, historic ruins of ancient civilizations, pristine beaches along azure seas, grand palaces and majestic fjords. One of our most favorite and frequent ports of call was Venice, a city filled with iconic images.

The Grand Canal…

Day Water Channel 3

Dusk Water Channel

Graceful bridges spanning the byways…

Day Water By-Way 2

The ubiquitous gondolas…

Day Gondolas

Gondoliers skillfully navigating narrow channels amidst the colorful palaces that were once home to the Venetian elite…

Day Water By-Way 1

St. Mark’s Square with its magnificent basilica, the Doge’s Palace, the famous pigeons and the ever-present throngs of locals and tourists alike…

Day San Marcos 1

Day San Marcos 2

And of course, the requisite souvenir of any visit – an ornate Venetian mask…

Night Masks

The eternal romance of Venice is even more magical in the evening, and that is why our itineraries so often featured overnight stays here.

Night Water Channel

Night Gondolas Night Water By-Way

Even St. Mark’s Basilica takes on a mystical aura after the sun descends behind its spires.

Night San Marcos
Guests who visited Venice during their travels with Oceania Cruises this summer and fall will certainly be left with many fond memories, preserved in photographs of the timeless images that draw so many to revisit this city time and again. Our ships will return to Europe next year, joined by the stunning new Riviera, which debuts in April 2012. If you enjoyed a European cruise with us in 2011, we look forward to welcoming you back soon. For those who have yet to experience the wonders of Europe, we hope you have the opportunity in the very near future.


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