Regatta Deck Night - Panama
If you follow this blog, you know that we love to share photos and stories of all the fascinating destinations visited by Oceania Cruises’ ships. While guests are initially drawn to Oceania Cruises due to our intriguing ports of call, they also realize that cruising with us confirms the truth of the adage: The journey is just as important as the destination.

Panama Canal Sunset 1The luxurious amenities and gourmet restaurants onboard our ships certainly contribute to the joy of the journey. But an equally vital part of the onboard experience is the pure pleasure of sailing the open seas and savoring the spectacular vistas from the decks of the ship. One feels an extraordinary sense of peace gazing at distant horizons and cruising over tranquil waters. No other travel experience compares.

Panama Sunset 3
Curtis Hustace is a professional photographer who has taught classes in the Artist Loft onboard Marina and also acted as a guest lecturer onboard Regatta. In the photos shared in this post, he has captured some of the serene moments you can experience onboard. We hope you enjoy these images that remind us of the pure joys of cruising.


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