Is there any place in the world that compares to Santorini for beauty and breathtaking photo opportunities? This gorgeous island begs to be compiled into its own coffee table book. Even amateur photographers can capture great pictures here, and ones taken by professionals are absolutely stunning. The memories of your time spent on Santorini will be just as treasured as the beautiful photographs you bring home with you. It is no wonder that Oceania Cruises’ ships call on this charming island so frequently.


The high cliffs of the island provide spectacular views with Marina in the background.

Santorini 2

Santorini 3

Santorini 4

Other photos reveal the amazing details of life on Santorini.





Santorini 6

When visiting the island, be sure to put your camera down for a moment and enjoy one of the charming cafes that line the cliffs overlooking the sea.


Fresh fish is of course at the top of most menus. Sipping on a glass of the local wine is also a pleasant way to pass the time.


The town of Fira on Santorini is perched on top of the island’s high cliffs. A cable car is the most efficient means of reaching the town, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you may wish to try the island’s other means of transportation.

DSC_3987 (Large)
The famous Santorini donkeys are a popular way to reach the town, but be prepared for a bit of jostling as they make their way along the cobblestone streets!

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You can see this guide on an Oceania Cruises excursion made great friends with the locals.

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Whether you relax in a quaint cafe, explore the numerous shops, or just meander the cobblestone streets taking in the gorgeous views, time spent on this idyllic island creates memories to last a lifetime. If you have your own fond memories of a trip to Santorini, or if you’re anticipating a visit in the near future, please feel free to share your comments here on the blog.

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