As Nautica and Insignia continue to cruise the Mediterranean Sea, both Oceania Cruises ships will be visiting the port of Marseille and the neighboring areas of Provence this fall. The skyline of Marseille is dominated by the landmark basilica, Notre Dame de la Garde, which overlooks the Old Port.

Cassis (3)

A mere 12 miles to the east of Marseille is Cassis, a delightful fishing village that unites the sea with the French countryside. A journey through the lovely landscapes of Provence brings you to this vision enhanced by the scent of fresh herbs wafting through the air.

Cassis (6)Exploring the quaint village of Cassis, one finds an array of boutique shops featuring the modern fashions of the French Riviera, while additional stores focus on the regional and cultural charms of Provence.

Cassis (2)
Cassis (4) Some of the most tempting “local charms” are the delicious pastries that beckon you from the windows of the many pâtisseries lining the streets.

Cassis (5)
Considering the delectable treats, fabulous shopping opportunities and beautiful scenery to be found in Provence, it comes as no surprise that this region has become a favorite destination of Oceania Cruises ships.

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