Jessica Domm - NYC
Jessica Domm loves her job. As a desktop publisher onboard Marina, Jessica says that even when she works long hours, she hardly notices the time passing. Her work is so enjoyable it doesn’t even feel like a “real job.” With her winning smile and boundless enthusiasm, one imagines she brings the same positive energy to all aspects of her life.

After graduating with a degree in graphic design from York University in Toronto, Jessica’s first job was doing system administrator inventory, which did not challenge her in the way she wished. As her uncle was a retired cruise captain, she decided to pursue the family business and apply for a job in the cruise industry. While she did not take advantage of her uncle’s industry connections, she did take his advice, as he recommended she try Oceania Cruises. She applied online, and two days before Christmas, she received the news that she would be starting onboard Regatta in January of 2010.

Was she excited? “I was terrified,” says Jessica. “I’d never been outside of Canada before. But I got on a plane and joined Regatta in Miami and never looked back. Best decision I ever made in my life.”

Jessica is responsible for all of the onboard printed materials, from newsletters to menus to embarkation information to posters. Besides enjoying her design work, Jessica also sings the praises of her coworkers. Jessica says one of the great pleasures of her job is the fantastic group of people with whom she gets to work.

Jessica had only been onboard for three weeks when her 26th birthday came around. To her surprise, everyone threw her a big party with cake and champagne. “The first thing I thought was, if I can’t be with my own family, I’m so glad I’m here with my Oceania Cruises family. It was fantastic. I never felt more like I belonged some place.”

Jessica Domm - Miami Jessica with Social Hostess Margaret Lynn Scoggins and Oceania Club Ambassador Per Orren

Of course, the work is not without its challenges. Jessica was chosen to be on the team for the inaugural sailings of Marina, and preparing a new ship for its maiden voyage was no easy task. The staff and crew had been living on the ship for two weeks before the first guests came onboard, and they were still putting the finishing touches on Marina as the first guest set foot on her decks.

“It was challenging,” says Jessica, “but looking back now, it was worth it. It was worth all those hours I spent in my office and all the work put into it. It really turned out well, and it’s something that we’re all very proud of.”

When she was approached about participating in Riviera’s debut in April 2012, what was Jessica’s response? “I’ll be there with bells on!” she exclaims.


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