Oceania Cruises guests continue to explore majestic Alaska onboard Regatta. The ship recently visited Juneau and will return for an encore in just a few days.  Today’s featured excursion, the Taku Glacier Lodge Flight and Feast, began in Juneau with our explorers boarding a nostalgic floatplane near the ship at anchor.  Once in the air, the plane buzzed by Regatta, soared over the tree lines, and ultimately reached the glaciers.

Float Plane Regatta

Aerial Treeline

Aerial Glacier Runoff

Aerial Glacier

The group flew over both advancing and receding glaciers for roughly 30 minutes before landing on the Taku River and settling in at the lodge for a ground-level view of the glacier.

Taku Lodge

Ground Glacier Runoff 2

And a post from Alaska would not be complete without pictures of salmon on the grill and the friendly neighborhood black bear.

Salmon Grill 1

Salmon Grill 2

Bear Grounds 2

Bear Hut 1

Bear Hut 2

Float Planes

As they bid adieu to their newest black bear friend and another day of exploring the magnificent Alaskan wilderness, Regatta‘s guests return to the Juneau “airstrip” where the floatplane docks. It is now time to enjoy some pampering onboard the ship as the anticipation builds for the next adventure.


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