Oceania Cruises guests continue to explore “Majestic Alaska” onboard Regatta.  These images come courtesy of Chris Ellson, Destination Manager on Regatta, as this excursion visited the wilderness of the Anan Wildlife Observatory in the Tongass National Forest.  The group traveled by jet boats from the Wrangell harbor to the park and set afoot on the trail during the peak viewing season of the observatory.

Red and Purple Jackets

Anan Sign


The trail led the group to the Bear Observation platform to see the habitat of this group of black bears. They even had the opportunity to observe a bear picnic.


Blackbear Ground

3 Blackbears

4 Blackbears

2 Blackbears

Blackbear Salmon 2

Blackbear Salmon

The bears received the predominant spotlight since it was their season, but other Alaskan wildlife made cameo appearances as well.


Bald Eagle

Thank you to those who have shared photos of their adventures here on the blog, and we look forward to viewing more photos from Oceania Cruises ships very soon!


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