Making Pasta-1-IMG_2162 (Small)
As Master Chef Jacques Pépin is currently hosting the Tastes of Europe cruise onboard Marina, it seems only appropriate that this week’s blog be devoted to our ongoing adventures in the Bon Appétit Culinary Center.

Making Pasta-2
Several guests joined us recently for the “Pasta Party” class.  We work with both fresh and dried pasta in this class.

Making Pasta
All guests made their own fresh pasta, let it rest and then rolled it out. So for some, now that they have mastered fresh pasta, their pasta machines are coming out of the closet (from behind the vacuum) and in to the kitchen!

Making Pasta-4
Each guest measured out 100 grams of flour and an egg, and made a little “volcano” of flour. How fun! Everyone’s pasta was fabulous, and we served it with a shrimp and primavera sauce. Yummy!

Making Pasta-3
We also made a Sicilian dry pasta dish with grilled vegetables and herbs. Everyone left with new recipes and full tummies!



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