Kittow Market
Chef Velie’s tenure onboard Marina has come to an end, but it was such a pleasure having him as a guest chef. We enjoyed several market excursions and classes taught in the Bon Appétit Culinary Center.

Kittow Meats
Our day in Fowey was especially a treat – a sunny day and a lovely port!  After a scenic tender ride in to the marine-themed harbor, Chef Velie and I followed our noses and found Kittow Market, home of a fifth generation butcher and of some out-of-this-universe meat pasties and sausage rolls.

Kittow Veggies


Outside of the market, fruits and vegetables were arranged in baskets – a reminder of how delicious seasonal foods really are.

Kittow Eggs
As the granddaughter of a poultry farmer, I was impressed to hear that the eggs were fresh today and you could pick your own.

Butcher Sign We spent some time admiring the meats and charcuterie. Chef Velie complimented the butcher on his ample display and that got us a free sausage roll!!!

Fish Specials

We strolled the streets, which reminded me of a port town in Maine or Washington State, and found a local fishmonger who shared his thoughts about the importance of protecting our waters and respecting the products we use.  We could not agree more.  Today’s fish was pollack, mackerel, gurnard and whiting – as you can see from his sign and handy artwork!

Fish Art
Above his cash register was a sculpture of a fish made from aluminum cans he has found floating in the waters – a good reminder to keep our oceans and waters clean for the fabulous fish who call those waters home.

Altogether a great day – very sunny and pleasant temperatures.  A charming town and great fish and chips and mussels and frites for lunch!


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