Greetings from the Bon Appétit Culinary Center onboard Marina! As Executive Chef, I will be sharing frequent posts on the blog about all of our culinary adventures.

Velie Demo
What a fabulous way to spend a day at sea – making pizza! You may remember from my first post that Chef Velie, an instructor with the Culinary Institute of America, had joined us for the current cruise. For Chef Velie’s last day onboard Marina, he created a special menu for our students – pizza margarita, grilled pizza and deep-dish pizza! Chef started with a demonstration of how to make pizza dough and how to work with the dough once it has rested.

Velie Demo-2

Making Dough

Everyone had fun with their first pizza, checking the crust for crispness and flavor.

In the Oven



We had the help of Chef Ralf and Sous Chef Daniel, who were in charge of the pizzas once they went in the ovens.  There was an abundance of ingredients to use on the pizzas – sausage, pepperoni, cheeses, mushrooms, apples, pears, nuts, dates, and onions (to name only a few).  In an earlier pizza class we used peanut butter and bananas, but we held back this time and stuck to more ‘traditional’ ingredients!










Pizza brings out the artist in so many of our students!

Pesto Base
Here are some of the pizza masterpieces.




They are as much fun to make as they are to eat!!!! Ronalee (the beautiful brunette with the pesto pizza) was celebrating a birthday, so we had gooseberry pie from the Fowey bakery and sang (rather pathetically, but we are CHEFs, not singers…) a heartfelt happy birthday to a very special lady!

There are many ways to spend a sea day, and making pizza is one of the most cherished in the Bon Appetit Culinary Center!



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