Dan Welden - Jan 2011
Oceania Cruises and the Artist Loft are proud to welcome master printmaker Dan Welden onboard Marina. The “Tastes of Europe” itinerary sailed last night from London and will conclude on August 26th in Rome. During the cruise, Mr. Welden will be teaching his revolutionary printmaking technique known as the Solarplate method. Marina is the first and only ship in the world to offer instruction in this innovative art form. Guests onboard will have numerous opportunities to meet Mr. Welden and participate in the Artist Loft.

Dan Welden 2 An internationally acclaimed artist, innovator, teacher and author, Mr. Welden brings a unique experience to Marina guests. He is the originator of the Solarplate method of printmaking that uses the sun to develop pieces of art. The process does not use traditional acids or chemicals and is thus a safer and greener method of printmaking that also allows artists more versatility.

The Mediterranean sun is no stranger to Mr. Welden’s printmaking technique. He has taught at the Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy, in addition to conducting workshops throughout the world each year. Prints and paintings from Mr. Welden’s portfolio have been featured in hundreds of exhibitions around the globe, and many pieces have found homes in both public and private collections. In 2001 Mr. Welden and Pauline Muir coauthored “Printmaking in the Sun,” the comprehensive manual to Solarplate methods.

We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Welden onboard Marina!




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