Onboard01One would be hard pressed to decide which is the best part of the Oceania Cruises experience — exploring fascinating ports of call the world over or enjoying life onboard the luxurious ships. Leisurely days at sea allow guests to savor all the pleasures of onboard life, and the options are nearly limitless. One of the most popular activities is a wine tasting selected from the extensive collection in the onboard cellars.

Onboard02These tastings are generally led by a Cellar Master, the most advanced sommelier onboard the ship, who shares his extensive wine knowledge as guests taste and compare a variety of wines. The wines are selected to represent the regions to which the ship is sailing.


If you prefer a good martini to a glass of wine, there are also tastings to appeal to your palate.


These guests enjoyed a tasting of five different martinis in — where else? — Martinis lounge onboard Regatta.

Samples included everything from the Classic Martini made with Van Gogh Gin from Holland to the famous Big O Martini, a signature drink onboard Oceania Cruises’ ships.


Our friendly mixologists shared many interesting facts about the liquors used in the various martinis. For instance, gin is the only spirit that won’t give you a headache the next morning due to way it is made and the botanicals involved in the process.


A martini tasting will likely lead to cravings for the delicious food onboard, so you may want to check out a cooking demonstration.


Executive Chef Laurent Trias demonstrates another fine use of spirits. Brandy is used to deglaze and flambé the shallots and peppers as part of the preparation of Beef Medallions with Three Pepper Sauce.


Of course, the best part of the demonstration is the tasting that follows!

If you’re interested in a hands-on learning experience, you can take classes from the Master Chefs onboard Marina in the Bon Appétit Culinary Center. Here you actually prepare each dish yourself in your own work station as the Chef provides instruction.


For those who are artistically inclined, the Artist Loft onboard Marina offers classes in everything from painting to photography to t-shirt transfer to printmaking and more.


Some guests may prefer to simply relax with a good book, and the English-style libraries onboard every ship are the perfect place for a cozy retreat.

Spa 1

The Canyon Ranch SpaClub onboard is also a great place to relax and unwind.

Spa Pedi

Enjoy spa treatments such as a pedicure or a soothing massage and then relax in the steam room or in the whirlpool on the private Spa Terrace.

Blackjack and slot machines in the Monte Carlo-style casino are a fun diversion for many guests.


Of course, there is also a variety of musical entertainment onboard. During poolside events, a band provides rousing entertainment from the pool deck stage.

Enjoy the melodies of a string quartet in the evenings.

Afternoon tea is time-honored tradition onboard that is celebrated every afternoon in Horizons.


Delicious pastries and tea sandwiches are displayed in a magnificent presentation.


A favorite onboard activity of many guests is Team Trivia. Cruise Director David Shermet often leads these fun contests.


Guests form groups and together decide on responses to trivia questions. The guests with the most correct answers can win Big O Points.


You can even enjoy a game of Backgammon onboard.

If you follow Oceania Cruises’ Facebook page, you know that these guests are playing Rummikub.

Paddle Tennis

Marina features a paddle tennis court on her upper deck for guests to enjoy.

Table tennis is also a fun onboard pastime and a particular favorite of Prestige Cruise Holdings President Bob Binder, pictured above at the far right enjoying a game onboard Regatta.

What is your favorite onboard activity during a voyage with Oceania Cruises?  Feel free to share your favorites here on the blog!

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  1. Can’t say if it’s Trivia – what a great group of people – and David is not to bad either….or just relaxing in the library.
    Miss Dotty.
    Love the sea days…..

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