Oceania Cruises celebrated a major milestone on Saturday, July 16, as the Riviera was afloat for the first time and moved from the construction dock to her fitting-out berth.

What a difference a month makes! Compare these photos to those posted at the end of June during the last construction update.  Riviera is Starting to Take Shape!

RIviera Launching Ceremony 003
“The float out of a ship is a beautiful occasion which marks the beginning of her life and we are eagerly anticipating the day next spring that we can unveil her to the world,” stated Frank Del Rio, Chairman and CEO of Prestige Cruise Holdings and founder of Oceania Cruises.

RIviera Launching Ceremony 015
The sequence of events began last Wednesday as the ship was blessed by shipyard clergy.

Then the shipyard workers opened dozens of sluices and thousands of gallons of seawater began to enter the building dock.

Three days later, Riviera is fully afloat.

Then Riviera begins her very first voyage, albeit not under her own power. Here, the shipyard tugs have just completed their first task, towing her very gently from the building dock into the harbor.

The tugs then begin the task of turning her around so that she can be properly positioned at her fitting out berth.

She is now turned almost 270 degrees and ready to begin her short journey across the harbor.

Almost there…

Home at last!

Here is another view of the immense fitting-out pier that will be Riviera’s home for the next nine months as thousands of craftsman begin fitting out and finishing her magnificent, designer interiors. You can see the gargantuan crane which is capable of lifting hundreds of tons and they have just begun securing the tower of exterior construction elevators to the port side of the ship.

Stay tuned for the next update in which we will give you a tour of the massive warehouse at the shipyard that will house everything that is used to fit out the interiors.


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  1. Preparing for the grand voyage of a ship is much like the anticipation of parents when a child gets ready to leave home and exercise his or her independence. When the Riviera finally leaves home, that will be an emotional moment. For now, waiting for the interiors to be finished is definitely exciting. I know the best marine supplies (like those from http://www.global-maritime.com ) were used in the creation of the beautiful Riviera. Hoping to see more of the Riviera after several months!

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