Mary Hart-1
Followers of our blog will recall that beloved television personality Mary Hart officiated as Godmother to Oceania Cruises’ Marina at the Christening Ceremony for the new ship earlier this year. As Senior Vice President of Marketing for Oceania Cruises, I have now had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Hart several times. But today was certainly the most exciting, as I was able to join Ms. Hart in front of the cameras!

Mary Hart 2
Ms. Hart, myself (pictured right) and Vice President of Corporate Communications Gary Gerbino (pictured left) spent today in Los Angeles recording her voice-overs and filming her camera appearances for our upcoming DVD. While I’ve filmed marketing pieces before, I’ve not often done so in a Burbank studio with a pro like Mary Hart, and I usually choose to stay behind the camera. It was quite exciting to be in the middle of all the action and get a taste of what it’s like to be in the spotlight. (But I don’t plan to quit my day job.)

Mary Hart 3
Ms. Hart is truly passionate about Oceania Cruises, so passionate in fact, that she took liberties with the script when she felt it necessary to express more strongly her appreciation for the Oceania Cruises experience. She was even wearing the Cartier necklace that she was given as Godmother of Marina. It was presented to her by Oceania Cruises Founder and CEO Frank Del Rio before the Christening Ceremony in February.

I’ve worked with Mary on several occasions since she first accepted our invitation to be Godmother of Marina, and each time has been a pleasure and a privilege. I look forward to our next meeting in person, and also to seeing Ms. Hart in the Oceania Cruises DVD!

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