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Novices and experts alike have been enjoying classes in the Artist Loft enrichment center onboard Marina. Whether you’re a budding artist looking to dabble in arts and crafts or an experienced photographer seeking to hone your skills, this exciting venue offers the opportunity to express your creativity under the guidance of professional artists-in-residence.

Anna and DaveHusband and wife duo, David and Anna Smith, spent several weeks teaching classes in the Artist Loft. Frequent world travelers, they’ve visited over 65 countries. They say, “The only reason we come home from our travels is to change our clothes and see our 5 grandchildren.”

David Photography 2David is a professional photographer, travel writer and keynote speaker whose travel images have been published worldwide in magazines, books, websites and newspapers. He is a professional member of the Editorial Photographers Association and past president of the North Shore Photographic Society of West Vancouver, British Columbia, where he resides.

David Photography 1David teaches classes on everything from low-light and nighttime photography to photo editing to the production of travel multimedia shows.

Mola 2Anna has a passion for color and creating new designs from world fabrics gathered in her travels. Her works have been exhibited internationally in art galleries, offices, stores and museums. When not traveling, Anna instructs classes in fabric arts, quilting and photo transfer at art galleries and quilting guilds in West Vancouver.

Mola 3
Anna has taught several classes in the Artist Loft, including one on mola design. Mola is an appliqué art form that originated with Kuna women of Panama and Colombia. The panels can be framed as art or made into blouses, pillows or other craft projects.

Charm Dolls 1
Guests especially enjoyed a class in how to make charm dolls.

Charm Dolls 2Charm dolls are said to bring luck and good fortune and to ward off evil and negativity.

T-shirt 1
T-shirt transferring was also a popular class.

T-shirt 2
Teacher and student display a lovely finished product.

Artist Loft Contest4
Guests who’ve enjoyed the Artist Loft often gather at the end of the cruise to give awards for each other’s artistic endeavors. Guests who create the most popular piece, or who are the most prolific, or whose work best represents the theme of the cruise may receive Big O points that can be redeemed onboard.

Anna David Mykonos
If you have a chance to enjoy a class in the Artist Loft with this fun-loving couple, be sure to take advantage of their expertise. You can enjoy exchanging stories of your world travels as well!

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