Alanya, Turkey with its fortifications (1)There’s nothing better than receiving emails from the ships on a Monday, especially ones containing stunning photos. The intrepid explorers onboard Regatta and Nautica did a wonderful job of showcasing exactly how diverse the destinations we sail to are. Nautica sojourned in Alanya, Turkey.

Alanya, Turkey with its fortifications (2)

Alanya, Turkey with its fortifications
The fortifications surrounding Alanya are astounding and date back to the Middle Ages.  If you are not familiar with this spectacular city, it is on the “Turkish Riviera,” about 50 miles east of Antalya. Beautiful beches rim the gulf, and it’s where ancient history meets today’s “jet set.”

Boarding (Small)

Helicopter (Small)

A wonderful juxtaposition to the hot and sunny clime of Alanya, these photos come to us fresh from Regatta in Alaska. Everyone knows that one of the highlights of this great land is the wildlife, but we can’t forget the memorable experiences our domesticated friends can provide!
Running (Small)

Dogs 1 (Small)

Dogs (Small)

Resting (Small)

Guest (Small)
These snapshots are from a recent Glacier and Dog-Sledding excursion. I’m not sure who has more fun, the guests or the dogs!

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